Harmony School of Nature and Athletics Counseling Department will collaborate with students, families, community members and school personnel to assure that all students realize and integrate their academic and career potential in order to develop and achieve an individualized vision of success. 

  • Collaborate - Department collaborate students, families, school staff and community partners to help schools achieve their mission and students reach their goals.
  • All Students - Department work with all students in a variety of ways to ensure students are being supported to reach their academic and personal goals.
  • Academic - In this domain, department help students with topics such as academic organization, course planning, study skills and post-secondary preparation.
  • Career - Department help students identify possible career paths through interest inventories, personality type assessments and learning style tests.  Department help students understand the connections between their academic learning, post-secondary education and training, and their career goals.
  • Individualized Vision - Department believe that every student will seek their own unique future goals based upon their interests and skills.

Please contact Murat Alkan at malkan@harmonytx.org if you have any questions.