We are excited to announce our new student council this year.  We have made plans already in the works to create a best high school experience for our students.  But, we are not just focusing on the upper school, our members are ready to put our campus on the map.  Each officer is an exemplary student who are goal oriented and have the best interests of our school at heart.

  This year they will be focusing on community service, school service, fundraising, and student activities.  If you have some ideas for student council activities or would like to offer help please feel free to contact Mrs. Kissel or Mr. White.  


President:             Jordan Cox
Vice President:      Brianna Kendall
Secretary:             Tremia Lockett
Treasurer:             Ashlee Cox


Grade Representatives;

9th Grade:             Alondra Chavez

                              Cherokee Sahagon-Barnett

10th Grade:           Keyerra Roberson

11th Grade:           Spencer Kendall

                              Mariana Gonzalez